CytoCharge is working on getting the out of stocks ( Life Assurance and Amino Build back into inventory. It may be another 3 weeks until completion. They will have the new label. Getting raw materials has been slow since the pandemic and the labs have not been up to speed. you can call us at 303-587-5897 or email at gong forward we hope the process becomes more efficient. Thank you . We value you as customers.

Superior Technology

The Benefit of the Built-In CytoCharge Active Transport System

CytoCharge only use NSF ( National Sciences Foundation) / GMP certified labs to manufacture CytoCharge products. Our laboratories are on the cutting edge of supplement research and development. Our technology sets up the conditions in the digestive system for optimal absorption. The amino build formula for instance has an active transport system built into it to get it across the gut and into the bloodstream. Just throwing Amino Acids in a Capsule and expecting to completely absorb them is not a precision science. 

We use the highest grades of nutrients

For instance in our Life Assurance (Multiple Vitamin and Mineral formula) we use some very unique mineral chelations to stabilize the minerals and than direct them to certain parts of the body. The Pharmaceutical B vitamins are blended with rice powder to ad in cofactors from nature needed to stabilize them.

CytoCharge uses Free Amino Acids in all of our formulas

Each Amino Acid has a function of its own and can not perform its' function while bound into peptides. Most dietary peptides are not active and require an enzyme to react with it and carry it into the liver where it requires further digestion. If this part of digestion does not take place properly peptides can slip into the blood undigested and cause problems. CytoCharge Free Amino Acids can be used to synthesize new proteins according to your own genetic code latter on in the process if need be. This also eliminates allergy symptoms, arthritic symptoms and encephalopathy (affecting the brain negatively).

Capsules and Tablets

CytoCharge uses both Capsules and Tablets in formulating. We may make this determination depending on the formula and the nutrients contained and where and when we want them released for best absorption. Some of the tablets being manufactured on the market today do not have good breakdown times or do not break down at all. CytoCharge tablets are adjusted for breakdown time so that the nutrients are released at the best time for efficient absorption and utilization.

The Manufacturing Plant

Our MFG/Lab Facilities receive all raw materials into quarantine for Identification and Micro testing ( testing for pathogens , lead and cadmium ) before they are blended into any CytoCharge products. The MFG/Labs all use extensive air and water filtration systems to assure no cross contamination of products.

Lab Facilities
On site laboratory facilities allow us to quarantine and double check all materials for authenticity and bacterial counts against certificates of analysis.
Cyto-Charge is manufactured under a Pharmaceutical Registration, A.C.E.R.I.S (Academy of Environmental Research and Informational Sciences), NNFA and APHA.