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Our Mission

Cyto-Charge is Committed to Helping you Investing in Your Health

The CytoCharge Company which is now 42 years old has always had the same mission. The mission has always been to create nutritional products with the most advanced nutritional technology on the market.

The CytoCharge Company has never tagged in on other companies marketing because we don’t have to. There are over 7 billion people on the earth now and every single person is a Biochemical Individual.That means nutrition is not an exact science. CytoCharge formulates with this tremendous variance of human biochemistry in mind.

CytoCharge uses the most advanced technologies including absorption, excretion and tissue biopsy studies so that each person has the best chance to absorb and utilize the nutrients. We have clients that have been staying healthy with us for the last 42 years and we hope to continue for years to come.


Brian A Greenhouse

President, CytoCharge Inc