CytoCharge is working on getting the out of stocks ( Life Assurance and Amino Build back into inventory. It may be another 3 weeks until completion. They will have the new label. Getting raw materials has been slow since the pandemic and the labs have not been up to speed. you can call us at 303-587-5897 or email at gong forward we hope the process becomes more efficient. Thank you . We value you as customers.


CytoCharge company would like to be part of your protecting yourself against COVID19 VIRUS. CytoCharge Products are manufactured under these certifications. NSF ( National SCIENCE Foundation ), cGMP, FDA , BSCG ( banned Substances Control Group),USDA Organic, Lab Tested ( Third Party Lab testing) Raw Materials are quarantined and tested for any pathogens on the way in and tested again ( micros) on the way out to make sure all equipment was cleaned and disinfected properly . 

There has been no connection between Packaged Nutrition Products and the spreed of COVID19. 

The labs are adhering to CDC Recommendations :

Bumping up your Nutrition right now is important for your Bodies own immune defense and can stop or lessen the symptoms..